Bellow some brief descriptions of interesting vacations and business trips I made in the early days. No film is made from these trips as i had not yet a camera and the pictures taken were not digital and of poor quality
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The following trips/vacations are described:

Yugoslavia Sep-88:

This country is certainly one of my favorites, I went to Yugoslavia many times, the first time I was only 3 years old. In Sep-88 I went to this country for the first time without my parents and I decided to make a round trip to visit the most interesting locations.
Amongst these locations we have:
Besides this vacation, i returned several times to Yugoslavia and after the separation, to Croatia and Slovenia.
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Turkey Sep-90:
In September 1990 we made a round trip in Turkey and visited the most interesting places of this country. The place that we liked the most are; the area in the Goreme, the Ihlara Valley and Pamukkale with the white rock formations. At that time it was still allowed to walk on the rock formations. Today, this is no longer possible and the formations are degrading rapidly. Sargin camping in Marmaris was a very friendly camp with only 10 places. The reception of camp guests was very nice.
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Marokko Jun-91:
The round trip we planned in Marokka was changed from what we had in mind. We planned to visit the complete country but this was reduced due to the encounter of Bedouins (local desert nomads). We encountered these people on the edge of the desert, they asked us to read and respond (they couldn't’t read or write) to a letter they received, what we did. In return, they invited us for diner in their tent. We became ‘friends’ and stayed with them for more than a week. During this week we made a 2 day trip trough the desert which was really amazing and which can not be done without knowledge of the desert (no roads, no maps,…). This is a vacation I will never forget in my life.
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Moscow Jun-99:
The trip to Moscow was not a vacation but a business trip. What pleased me the most in this city was the Metro. The Metro stations are real palaces, I bought a ‘throw away’ camera in Moscow (forgot my camera) but the pictures made in the Metro were too dark. You can ‘Google’ to pictures of the Metro to get an impression of the palaces.
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Athens Jul-99:
This trip was also for business reasons and was quite enjoyable. In fact I would never have visited this city during any of my vacations, so I took this opportunity to visit the city. At the end, it was a very nice trip indeed.
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Atlanta May-06:
Business trip to Atlanta with a small visit to Atlanta city and especially to the Aquarium of Atlanta.
The Georgia Aquarium is the world’s largest with over 8.1 millions of gallons (30.661.835 liter) of fresh and marine water and the largest collection of aquatic animals from all over the globe You are sure to see things you have never seen before.
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Croisière Blanche Jul-08:
During our vacation in France (Jul-08) We made an excursion to a glacier in ‘Les Deux Alpes’. To get to an altitude of 3600 meters, we took a few ski lifts and a little train under to glacier. At the top a snow mobile took us to the end of the glacier from which we had an fabulous view on the surrounding mountains with the ‘Mont Blanc’ as highest top.
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