This section shows some video's interesting vacations and trips I made in 2013.
The following trips/vacations are present:

Cotswold's UK - Apr-2013

The Cotswold's is a very beautifully part of the UK with fascinating places and typical hoses.
We took the boat to Dover and our first stop was Stonehenge and made a walk around the stones placed in a circle.
From Stonehenge, we continued our trip and visited some nice places. Bath is very known from the Roman baths, Lalock is a typical town which is often used as film decor.
Next stops are Malmesbury, Tetbury and Cotswold's Water Park where we went for a bike tour around some lakes.

Via some other little town, we visited Bourton-on-the-water. A citizen build a replica of the town on scale in his garden, a nice visit.
After Burton-on-the-water, we drove further along some typical villages and visited Sudeley Castle near Winchcombe.
The castle is known from the history of Henry VIII and his wives (Anne Boleyn and Catherine Parr)

We continue our road down to Southhampton to end in Dover to take to boat back home.

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Scotland - Jun-2013

A complete tour of 14 days journey throughout Scotland with magnificent views and places.
We took the boat from Duinkerke to Hull and drove to Edinburgh where the tour started. From Edinburgh we took the coast road and visited Aberdeen, Inverness, Loch Ness, Duncan Head and Durness.
A boat brought us to Isle of Lewis and Isle of Sky and ended the trip in Glen Nevis. From this point we drove back to Hull to catch the boad. On this journey we visited Edinburgh with his castle and some other nice cities. Northern of Scotland was very beautiful with the amazing small roads and the empty fields.
Whenever you go to Scotland, don't forget to visit whisky distilleries. and take some time to watch the seals on the seashore.

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Normandie France - Oct-2013

In October we went for a few days to Normandie in France to visit some typical cities and hysterical locations from the world war.
We started in Bayeux, known for his long tapestry of 70 meters.
We visited places like:
The Mont St. Michel was one of the highlights of this trip and is famous for the cathedral on the top of the hill and the many restaurants.
My wife was in love with the famous oysters of this countryside.

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